Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

The old “type 2 asbestos survey” is now known as a Refurbishment Asbestos Survey and is required prior to commencing any major refurbishment works of any commercial premises built prior to 2000.

Only those areas affected by the refurbishment works need to be included during a Refurbishment Asbestos Survey, unless of course, a Management Asbestos Register is not already present for the premises.

In this case, a hybrid survey can be conducted comprising a Management Asbestos Survey for the premises, with a Refurbishment Asbestos Survey for those areas involved in the refurbishment project.

The aim of the refurbishment asbestos survey is to safeguard contractors carrying out the refurbishment works. They need to know where asbestos might be present and ensure that it is not accidentally disturbed, for example, by drilling through it.

Consequently, the Refurbishment Asbestos Survey is quite invasive, though in most cases damage to the fabric of the building can be minimised, depending on the skill and knowledge of the asbestos surveyor.

The difference in cost between a management and a Refurbishment Asbestos Survey largely comes down to the amount of sampling that will be required and the extra time it takes to inspect service ducts, ceiling voids, etc., since on this type of survey, it is important that all asbestos containing materials are identified.

In some cases, due to current usage of the premises or difficulty accessing certain items, the surveyor will be available on call to your refurbishment contractors at commencement and during the works in case further suspect materials are identified that could not be safely examined or accessed during the survey.

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