Management Asbestos Survey

The Management Asbestos Survey replaces the old type 1 and type 2 asbestos survey.

This is the survey that you will need in order to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 as the old type 1 and type 2 asbestos surveys no longer exist.

During a management asbestos survey, the asbestos surveyors will visit your premises and will need access to all areas, including cleaner’s cupboards, meter cupboards etc.

They will look for any materials that are likely or known to contain asbestos and will photograph them for inclusion into your asbestos register. These are known as Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s).

The photographs will be identified on a floor plan of your building or premises, which is also included in your asbestos register.

Samples will be taken of materials that are identified, usually to rule out the presence of asbestos, though in some cases, certain materials may be “presumed” or “strongly presumed” to contain asbestos. Usually, the only materials that will be presumed or strongly presumed to contain asbestos will be those that cannot be safely reached or accessed, for example on high bay roofs, in confined spaces, or within live electrical or gas equipment.

If asbestos containing materials are discovered during a survey, it does not automatically follow that these items should be removed and in fact, these days, it’s rare for us to make a recommendation to remove such materials, unless of course, they are in poor condition, can be easily disturbed, or present a great risk to the building’s occupiers or users.

In all cases, the asbestos register will provide you with a recommendation as to what action you need to take, if any. In most cases, the recommendation will be to manage it, which basically means to monitor its condition for signs of damage or deterioration.

We know that asbestos removal is very expensive and disruptive so we work with you to decide on the most appropriate course of action. This means we will only recommend removal of materials when it is absolutely necessary, or when the building, or a part of the building is to be refurbished or demolished.

Our approach to a Management Asbestos Survey is to make your life easier, not to create difficulties for you!

Unaware of the Asbestos Regulations?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The regulations have been in place since 2004, but if you have only just discovered that you need a management asbestos survey, then call one of our friendly asbestos surveyors on 0121 711 7110 and we’ll arrange an instant quotation for you, over the telephone and if the price is acceptable, we’ll arrange an early date to survey the premises.

Alternatively, complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you with a fixed price quotation.