Asbestos Testing

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Broken asbestos partition board found in an industrial unit .

We have been offering an asbestos testing service to the public since 2003 and in that time have provided reassurance to thousands of satisfied customers.

Please note that it is not usually necessary for you to purchase an “asbestos testing kit” since these usually just comprise a disposable overall, a cheap decorators face mask and a couple of zip-lock polythene bags.

Instead, follow the simple instructions below:

  • Wear a PP3 grade face mask – for one-off sampling, a disposable one from a DIY shed will suffice
  • Wear a protective overall – ideally disposable
  • Dampen down a small area where you are taking your sample from (use a sponge or spray)
  • Using a small sharp object (bradawl or small screwdriver) or pliers, break / scrape a small amount of the suspect material into a sealable plastic bag
  • Place a label on the bag which contains your name, address and sample type.
  • Place the sealed, labelled bag into another sealable bag and place an identical label on this bag too.
  • If you are sending more than one sample, identify it with a “sample number” or other identifier
  • Place bags into an envelope with your payment (or copy of Paypal receipt) and a note of your email address
  • Send to us at Commercial Property Surveys Ltd., Unit 3 Radway Industrial Estate, Radway Road, Solihull B90 4NR, marking the envelope, “Laboratory Sample, could contain asbestos”

Asbestos Testing – What Happens Next?

We use a number of independent UKAS approved laboratories to analyse samples from our own surveyors to ensure that the results are always 100% impartial. It takes a few days to get the results, but occasionally we are able to rush things through for urgent cases.

You will receive a certificate from the laboratory that details whether asbestos was present in the sample(s) you submitted. The certificate will NOT tell you what percentage of the sample contains asbestos but it WILL identify what type of asbestos is present.

Do You Really Need An Asbestos Test?

Sometimes, getting a material tested might be a useful idea, for example, if you intend to remove an old texture coating from a property, or remove some old floor tiles that you think might contain asbestos.

But there are some occasions where it might not be worthwhile.

For example, if you have a garage or shed with a corrugated fibre-cement type roof, it is likely that this will contain asbestos. If some of the roof sheets have been changed in recent years, then those sheets when tested, will not show asbestos to be present.

However, if you remove the roof and want to get rid of it, your waste carrier will almost certainly retest the material in any case – and find asbestos to be present in the older sheets. Often, even if you have a certificate demonstrating that there is no asbestos, a waste carrier will STILL re-test, because any product that looks like asbestos will be treated as though it is in any case.

What If Your Sample DOES Contain Asbestos?

Some people are keen to know whether a material in their home or workplace contains asbestos, but often don’t know what to do if it is actually shown to.

The HSE has a number of useful guides that you can download from their web site. Just visit and search for “Asbestos Essentials.”

Need More Asbestos Testing Information?

We also run the UK’s longest-established asbestos testing web site where you can find more information. Just visit