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All we need to know is the property address and the total number of floors and rooms in the building.

If our quotation is acceptable, we can arrange the survey straight away at a time to suit you and prepare your asbestos register quickly.

We are commercial property specialists and have completed thousands of asbestos surveys nationwide and even internationally on behalf of foreign & UK government, and private institutions.

Our asbestos surveys are carried out by our own trained and qualified asbestos surveyors and in addition to offering this service, because we are also Chartered Building Surveyors, we also offer a complete range of other commercial property surveys and services.

Types of Asbestos Survey

There are three types of asbestos survey and we are able to quote you for whichever type you need:

Management Asbestos Survey

The management asbestos survey is the most common type and is required in order to produce a register of any asbestos containing materials that might be present in a building.
This is the one you need in order to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations, as it allows the building occupier to identify and manage any asbestos containing materials.

Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

The Refurbishment Asbestos Survey is only required if the premises are to undergo major refurbishment.

If only part of the premises is affected by refurbishment, then the asbestos survey can be restricted to only those areas, but of course, it remains a legal requirement to maintain an asbestos register for all other areas, so it’s usual, if no asbestos register is already available, for a Management survey to be carried out on the majority of the building, with the refurbishment survey restricted to the affected areas.

Demolition Asbestos Survey

The Demolition Asbestos Survey is required when a building (or part of a building) is to be demolished. It is a far more intrusive survey than a Management survey, because it’s important that the surveyor identifies all asbestos containing materials, to avoid the risk of demolition workers accidentally becoming exposed to asbestos fibres.

When you call, you will put through directly to one of our experienced surveyors, as we don’t use third party call centres. The surveyor will explain everything you need to know in simple terms and of course, will be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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